My animation reel as of Jan ’11 – beginning of Polishing and Portfolio with Mark Oftedal  (yes, I’m psyched!)


Class 3 Reel!

I’m well into Class 4 now but catching up on posting work.  I’ll be adding background elements in the near future so check back for updates!

so I’m off to advanced body mechanics!!  whether or not I’m ready…

I’m still noodling many parts of the above animations.  I might take out f146-162 of the second animation (“wind”), and still trying to make the settle look… IDK less ‘settley’…?  ha!

As with the Animation Mentor site,  I appreciate any comments, insights, criticisms, and suggestions for my work.

Happy Animating to all!

180-degree turn

So my first assignment for class 2 was to have the character jump and turn 180 degrees while in the air, then land.  This is what I ended up with.  He’s supposed to be trying to see over the wall.  I hope you like!

Animation Mentor

So Class 1 at Animation Mentor was an awesome experience!  I’ve already learned a lot and met tons of animators located worldwide.  I am now more inspired than ever to achieve my goals!